We are glad you are working with us!

If you have any questions about working at Surerus Murphy or about your benefits, training or any concerns around your work experience, please contact your HR advisor or email YourHRteam@surerus-murphy.com.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with HR, then please contact the confidential reporting line here.

Here are a few things to know for a successful experience.

We Are A Respectful Work Place | Resources

Everything we need to do and say can be done in a professional and polite manner. Exclusion, bullying, harassment and exclusion are never accepted here. We expect everyone who works for us to treat each other, and our stakeholders, with kindness.

Respectful Workplace StandardDownload
We Care About Wellness | Resources

Wellness comprises one’s physical health as well as mental health. We have supports in place to encourage our workers to live a healthy lifestyle and including talking to a trained and trusted expert when you are dealing with a significant issue. 

The strongest people are those who are in-tune to their needs, both physical and mental, and address them both with intention and purpose. Please use the resources we have provided. 

Your SMJV Support Wellness ResourcesDownload
Suicide Prevention Training – LivingWorksDownload
Suicide Prevention Training – LivingWorksLink
Training Is Important | Resources

If there is something you need trained on to do your job better, speak to your leader.

We never want you to perform a task if you are not trained on it. This is a safety risk.

We encourage career growth. If there is a skill you want to develop that would be applicable to Surerus Murphy’s business, let your leader know. If we can help, we will.

Many of our training materials are stored on Workhub.

Workhub Quick Reference GuideDownload