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Project outline:

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV) was contracted by TC Energy to act as prime contractor for the construction of the Hythe Lateral Loop No.2 Pipeline Project. The project involved the construction of 14km of NPS 24 pipeline on predominately agricultural land, located approximately 10km northwest of the Town of Hythe, Alberta.

Project construction commenced on August 1, 2018 and was mechanically complete on October 14, 2018. The workforce had a peak of 214 personnel and were locally housed in both Hythe and Grande Prairie

Key challenges:

Project challenges included construction work within sensitive environmental areas, including the presence of western toads, multiple locations of beaver habitat and noxious weeds located on the route. These challenges were successfully mitigated through comprehensive planning and construction management.

Project delivery/ innovations:

SMJV’s scope of work included the installation of inline inspection facilities (one launcher and two receivers), other prefabricated valves and assemblies and buoyancy control – both saddle bags and screw anchors. SMJV provided hot tap support to TC Energy.

Eleven auger bores were completed totaling approximately 550m in length, including a 75m crossing of Highway 43.

The Project crossed eleven wetlands totaling 1,600m in length, three fish-bearing water courses and six non-fish bearing drainages. 48 screw anchor pairs and 146 bag weights were installed.

Project quote:

  • Brian Peterson, Mayor of Hythe

  • “On behalf of the Hythe Village Council, staff and local community I would like to express our admiration of the professionalism and appreciation of the respectful conduct your staff displayed while conducting business in our area.”

  • “We thank Surerus Murphy for making our experience working together an extremely positive experience” … Surerus Murphy is welcome in Hythe anytime.”

Key Statistics


TC Energy


Hythe, Alberta

Completion date:

October 2018

Key Facts

  • Overall weld repair rate was 0.98%, far exceeding industry standard.

  • The project was completed on time to allow our client to meet their in-service requirements.

  • No Lost Time Incidents.

  • Canadian Energy Regulator (CER) noted, a successful completion of Environmental and Safety inspections on the Project.

  • Inline inspection results were within specification requirements resulting in no re-work or digs required.

Hythe Lateral Loop No.2 (HLL2)

Hythe Lateral Loop No.2 (HLL2)

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