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Surerus Murphy Joint Venture (SMJV) brings together two leading infrastructure companies, Surerus Pipeline Inc. and

J. Murphy & Sons Ltd. Together the two companies combine over 100 years of pipeline construction and infrastructure heritage providing experience and innovative solutions to challenging projects in the oil and gas industry. With over five years operating as an integrated joint venture in Canada, SMJV’s progressive yearly growth has evolved into some of the largest projects built in Canada in the last decade.

As a fully integrated joint venture, SMJV benefits from the alignment of the respective company values and commitment to the delivery of unrivalled performance in quality, health and safety, and environment. This commitment has ensured both companies maintain an impressive track record of delivering complex construction and infrastructure projects across Canada.



Brian Surerus settled in Fort St. John, BC in 1969. He traded in his Ford Ranger pick-up for a dump truck and incorporated it as Groundhog Enterprises, a road maintenance company for the Department of Highways. In 1971, Groundhog Enterprises completed its first pipeline project for Union Oil near Fort St. John, BC. Brian changed the company name to Surerus Construction & Development Ltd. During the 1970s, Surerus Construction & Development continued to pursue pipeline opportunities throughout British Columbia, eventually expanding into northwest Alberta.

In 1982, Surerus Pipeline Inc. became incorporated and continues to pursue pipeline opportunities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. With tremendous growth over the years, Surerus Pipeline has completed multiple projects and achieved an International Erosion Control Association’s Environmental Achievement Award. Brian’s dream of large diameter pipeline construction became a reality.

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John Murphy arrived in London in the 1930s with an attitude to life that was based on a commitment to deliver under any circumstances. To him, ‘getting the job done’ was always a guiding principle of business and life. When John set up his own company in 1945, it was involved in clearing London’s bombsites and reconstructing airfields on instructions of the War Department but soon diversified into roads, water supplies and drainage in the capital and across the UK. 

Over the years, recognition was made of his unique contribution to the nation’s business life, with everything from Fellowships and University Doctorates to a ‘Kerry Person of the Year’ accolade. Never afraid to ‘get his hands dirty’, John inspired loyalty in his workforce and his customers, and his lasting legacy remains with us today – an intelligent and flexible organisation committed to finding solutions whatever the challenges.

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