oil & gas facilities


We have the skills, knowledge and experience to delivery technically challenging infrastructure services. We deliver sustainable and quality facilities that are built safely and with a focus on customer service. Our broad range of energy and industrial solutions vary from complex facility and above-ground pipeline construction to installations, fabrication and early contractor engagement.

From compressor stations to pump stations electrification, to tie-ins and more – we build it, and we build it well. 

Building above-ground construction requires unwavering attention to environmental factors, like weather, which can influence how the steel bends and moves. It also requires careful planning to manage heavy lifts and moving of steel and pipes to avoid contact with materials in place. A slight variance can have massive impacts. That’s why it is important to have experts working at facilities sites.

Our in-house engineers and use of technology enables us to predict challenges before they happen, so when it is time to execute, there are minimal surprises. 

And, if we ever come across something new, we have access to global expertise through our parent company J. Murphy & Sons.