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Surerus Murphy Joint Venture is committed to collaboration and to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that are based on transparency, respect and trust. Our inclusive approach encourages Indigenous communities to participate in decisions that affect their families, their traditional territories and their livelihoods.

As a responsible organization, Surerus Murphy Joint Venture considers the impacts of our activities and the related opportunities for Indigenous communities and their traditional and current uses of lands and resources. Surerus Murphy Joint Venture is committed to building genuine relations with communities by first acknowledging the life of the land, recognizing Indigenous peoples’ relationships to the land, and by reconciling our place in nature through an approach to projects that supports a healthy environment.

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture recognizes the value of Indigenous peoples’ contribution to the economy; not only does it make sound business sense for our organization, it also leads us to a more prosperous future together. Investing in the development of a strong Indigenous work force establishes a mutually beneficial relationship and affords Indigenous communities’ sustainable futures within and beyond traditional territories.

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture brings together two leading infrastructure companies, Surerus Pipeline Inc. and J. Murphy & Sons Ltd. Together the two companies combine over 100 years of pipeline construction and infrastructure heritage providing experience and innovative solutions to challenging projects in the oil and gas industry. With over five years operating as an integrated joint venture in Canada, SMJV’s progressive yearly growth has evolved into some of the largest projects built in Canada in the last decade.

Two Great Companies.

One Solution.